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Detox therapy, Ion cleanse and foot care products

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Foot Cremes & Scrubs

Foot Cremes & Scrubs (2)

Epsom salts, therapeutic creams and scrubs for feet
Manicure Pedicure tools and supplies

Manicure Pedicure tools and supplies (16)

manicure pedicure tools and supplies
Colourless and odourless remover that works fast. You can apply and get going onto your next great nail colour adventure!
$2.95 $23.95
Shipping Weight: 15lbs See, Smell, & Feel the difference! Niku Paraffin offers clear purity, silky soft, with a delicate scent. Just a few dips gives a thick, pliable glove. Warming and relaxing, pain and dry skin will be a distant memory for your clients. Niku refill paraffin can be used in any paraffin bath. Refill Paraffin is: FDA food grade Triple filtered for purity Crystal clear Soft, pliable, and non-greasy Packaged in recyclable foil trays. With easy to open paper top
AMAZING REVITALIZING SCRUB BENEFICIAL FOR FOOT, HAND AND BODY CARE! A low foam soap base is an outstanding compliment to our peppermint foot creme. This contains natural Italian pumice and washes off easily. Spas that buy this love it to use with Hyrotherapy Tubs with low lathering soap base. It doesn’t foam up in the tub. Leaves a refreshing feel and cool from peppermint oils Available in 1 gallon, 1/2 gallon and 16 oz.
$24.95 $59.95
A thick creme with superior glide that uses the anti-microbial properties of tea tree oil to sanitize the foot. Enhanced with natural eucalyptus and peppermint oils for a refreshing aroma. Available in 1/2 gallon wide mouth jug or 16 ounce container with a pump top lid.
$30.95 $80.95

Showing 1–12 of 16 results