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This balm is perfect for sports, joint and muscle massages, and helps to soothe stiff joints, backaches, low-back tension, sciatica, arthritis, arthrosis and rheumatism.   100 g  and 400 g jar
$26.99 $51.00
This soft, silky and non-sticky gel massage is perfect for gentle neutral massages, to moisturize rough, dry skin or to use as a neutral base for one or more essential oils.
$19.95 $71.95
This soft, silky and non-sticky gel massage is perfect for revitalizing, balancing massages, anyone who feels chilly or is sensitive to the cold, mood disorders, heaviness, poor concentration, fatigue and low energy.
$19.95 $71.95
This soft, silky and non-sticky gel massage is perfect for draining, purifying, spring cleansing and cupping massage. It also helps with fatigue, low energy, heavy legs, cellulite, water retention and swelling.
$19.95 $71.95
This soft, silky and non-sticky massage cream is perfect as a neutral base for one or more essential oils, for deep and specific massages, for back, hand and foot massage and for rough and dry skin.
$19.95 $71.95
This soft, silky and non-sticky gel massage is perfect for joint stifness, backaches, sciatica, arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, respiratory tract congestion, sports massages as well as joint and muscle massages.
$19.95 $71.95
This soft, silky and non-sticky gel massage is perfect for relaxing, calming massages, muscle tension, fibromyalgia, migraines and high stress levels.
$19.95 $71.95
Use this odorless, dry, soft and fluid massage oil for neutral or cupping massage, as a base for one or more essential oils, to moisturize and nourish skin, nails and hair, activating microcirculation and effectively draining and decongesting tissues.
$19.95 $51.00
  Please be advised that there has been a change to size of the neck, on our  litre bottles; the previous litre pumps wont fit the new neck size, however the pump for the gallon containers do!   Thicker viscosity with lots of glide. Great for massage. Non-staining. Why is is called dispersible? We add a vegetable emollient to the oil to allow it to wash out of your sheets and off your hands easily. Are your sheets already stained? Try our Bioenzymatic Laundry Detergent. Make sure you select your size (to the left of the add to cart button) before adding to cart. 
$0.50 $57.95
Model: MYO-017 Shipping Weight: 9lbs This thick and creamy gel provides exceptional coverage and is unparralleled for deep tissue work and sports massage. The hypo-allergenic formula is designed to minimize staining. With no fragrance added, this exceptional gel leaves skin feeling soft and silky.This product is only stocked in Gallon sizes. Product development: Myo-ther Advantage was developed as a result of listening to our customer feedback. People who love our original lotion are going to love this product too – same great qualities but much much thicker! Characteristics: As a super creamy lubricant, Myo-ther Advantage has a luxurious feel throughout the massage and afterwards. Your clients will leave your clinic without feeling oily or sticky. Performance: Myo-ther Advantage provides exceptional coverage with unparalleled workability for sports massage and deep tissue work. Odourless: With no added fragrance, Myo-ther Advantage allows you to customize the cream with essential oils as you desire. Hypo-allergenic: Myo-ther Advantage is hypo-allergenic, ideal for both clients & practitioners with sensitive skin Clean up: Myo-ther Advantage wipes off skin easily leaving it feeling silky & smooth. It is removed completely with soap & water. Water-dispersible: It is water-dispersible to minimize staining. Myo-ther Advantage leaves no residue in the sheets (unlike other products with nut & seed oil bases), helping to prevent the buildup of rancid smells and lengthening the useful life of your sheets & towels.
Model: MYO-011 Shipping Weight: 2.5lbs A Superior lubricating lotion developed by a Registered Massage Therapist for use by Professional Healthcare Practitioners. This product provides a long lasting, friction reducing lubricant for the skin that can be easily washed off. Characteristics: This creamy white lotion has a luxurious texture and is viscous at room temperature. Performance: Myo-ther applies smoothly to the skin, clarifying and spreading evenly with body heat. The formulation contains millions of tiny droplets that remain on the surface of the skin for long lasting lubrication, eliminating the need for constant re-applications. Odourless: It is odourless and can be used as a base, allowing you to customize the lotion to your own requirements with essential oils (for fragrance purposes only, the mineral oil in this product will block the absorbtion of essential oils for aromatherapy application). Hypo-Allergenic: The lotion is hypo-allergenic for patients and practitioners with sensitive skin and has a neutral pH. Clean Up: Myo-ther wipes off the skin easily leaving it feeling soft and silky. It is removed completely with soap and water. Water Soluble: It is water soluble and will not stain most materials, washing out of clothes and sheets easily. Myo-ther leaves no residue in the sheets (unlike other products with nut and seed oil bases) preventing the buildup of rancid smells and extending the life span of sheets and towels. Bacteriostatic: The mineral oil in the lotion will not support microbial growth.

Showing 25–36 of 52 results