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lubricants for massage treatments

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Light oil, clear colour. Non-staining. Washes out of sheets. Not for use with essential oils. safe to freeze safe to heat for treatment
Use this dry, soft and fluid massage oil for a deeply relaxing massage, to moisturize skin and to leave a light floral scent on the skin.
$17.95 $45.00
fun, natural scented lotion cream safe for sensitive skin, children and adults a like!
This balm is perfect for massages during pregnancy and for the baby, for stretch marks prevention and for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Amazing baby shower gift! safe for mom and Baby! great for profession massage treatments and home care. Safe to use on nursing mothers and cracked sore nipples. 100 g jar
Use this balm for leg, calf and foot massages, tired, heavy legs, water retention and swelling (legs and feet), poor circulation and aching feet.   100 g jar
Use our Oceania balm for daily massage of legs or other areas with hands or massage cups, heavy legs, excess weight and cellulite (orange peel skin), fatigue, stress, tension and draining, remineralizing and toning the body.     100 g  and 400 g jar
$26.99 $51.00
Use this balm for torso, back and foot arches massages, asthma, coughing, cold, flu, bronchitis, sinus infection, congestion of the respiratory tract and for more comfortable sleep and breathing.   100 g jar
This balm is perfect for massaging muscles and very tense areas and it helps to soothe muscle tension, high stress levels, fibromyalgia and migraines .   100 g  and 400 g jar
$26.99 $51.00
This balm is perfect for sports, joint and muscle massages, and helps to soothe stiff joints, backaches, low-back tension, sciatica, arthritis, arthrosis and rheumatism.   100 g  and 400 g jar
$26.99 $51.00
This balm helps to soothe eczema, skin irritations, cracked or fissured skin, hemorrhoids, psoriasis, extremely dry skin, dermatitis and general rashes.   100 g jar
This soft, silky and non-sticky gel massage is perfect for gentle neutral massages, to moisturize rough, dry skin or to use as a neutral base for one or more essential oils.
$17.95 $71.95
This soft, silky and non-sticky gel massage is perfect for revitalizing, balancing massages, anyone who feels chilly or is sensitive to the cold, mood disorders, heaviness, poor concentration, fatigue and low energy.
$17.95 $71.95

Showing 25–36 of 74 results