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8oz/ 250 ml plastic bottle with a handy pump dispenser. Available in a solid white, or semi-clear bottle. This item is to order the white bottle. This bottle fits our bottle holsters.
Model: BTL-025a Shipping Weight: 0.01lbs Pump your lotion from the bottle with unit. Please note that these pumps are sized to fit the liter bottles in our brand line. Lid sizes are not universal so we can not guarantee that your liter bottle is the same lid size as ours. We have also been moving to a new cap on our liter bottles so please select the pump to fit the bottle you have. Fortunately they are different colors so it makes it easy to tell them apart.
Model: DGT-030 Shipping Weight: 0.1lbs Retractable tape measure is ideal for anyone taking measurements. Makes measuring easier with features such as large numbers for easy reading. Compact & Portable.
Model: DGT-022 Shipping Weight: 0.2lbs A Wartenberg wheel, also called a Wartenberg pinwheel or Wartenberg neurowheel, is a medical device for neurological use. It was originally designed by Dr Robert Wartenberg to test nerve reactions (sensitivity) as it rolled systematically across the skin. A Wartenberg wheel is generally made of stainless steel with a handle of approximately seven inches in length. The wheel, which has evenly spaced radiating sharp pins, rotates around as it is rolled across the flesh. Wartenberg Neuro Pinwheel Revolving steel pins, for skin testing Chrome plated brass handle
$15.00 $2.00

Showing 25–30 of 30 results