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Body Cushions

Body Cushions (9)

Cushions and accessories for massage services
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Pump bottles and refillable jars
Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic Tools (4)

Neurologic pinwheel and other diagnostic tools
Ultrasound Gel

Ultrasound Gel (1)

Gel provides the best lubrication for ultrasound tools
Model: BTL-024a Shipping Weight: 0.01lbs Pump your lotion from the bottle with this unit.
  White or Natural plastic bottle (shown in picture) with a flip top , pump, spray or spout lid. Plastic bottle is recyclable, please be kind to the environment. Choose your bottle colour and your lid type. The flip top lid is great for lotions and the spout top is great for oils – close the lid to prevent oil from spilling out.
$1.20 $2.20
Shipping Weight: 0.1lbs White HDPE bottle holds 375 ml of product. Great overstock deal
Shipping Weight: 0.1lbs Starting at: $1.40 Natural colour (meaning is semi-clear). With a flip top, spout top or pump. Be sure to select your top type below. All tops are white. New! – we have changed our stock on this bottle to something more squeezable but still durable. Natural 4 oz cylinder made from LDPE plastic. It can be used for comsetic, food, chemical or industrial products. It is very squeezable. The natural coloring allows for product-level visibility.
$1.40 $2.40
8 oz Plastic Bottle W/Flip-Top Cap OR Push Top This versatile bottle will hold lotions, oils, and creams, and fits in almost any standard size holster. This bottle specially designed for easy dispensing. Available in a natural semi-clear bottle. You also have the option of a flip top cap or a spout top cap. We recommend the Push top for lotions and the spout flip top for oils.
Aloe is a a versatile product and a great addition to a clinical or personal space. Great for… soothing irritated skin reducing topical skin reactions after waxing care Directions for use Apply directly to skin
$16.95 $59.95
Model: BCN-036 SPECIAL ORDER PLEASE ALLOW TIME FOR DELIVERY—–PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE! Add the armrests to your Body Cushion! A must for optimizing addressing rotator cuff problems and injuries. armrests increase positioning options for the shoulders, arms and hands. Cantilevering armrest supports slide securely under your Body Cushion, allowing you to change placement easily. These armrests can also add useful width to a narrow table. The armrests offer more techniques for the arms, shoulders, and hands. With the armrests supporting the weight of the arm in a variety of positions, you are free to use both hands to massage. Achieve better treatment results and satisfaction with the Body Cushion armrest. Massage Therapists can easily add width to any treatment table to better accommodate and treat clients. Available in Black Package Contains Set of 2 armrests>
Cleaning Instructions: Wash in warm water Air Dry
  Description SPECIAL ORDER PLEASE ALLOW TIME FOR DELIVERY——PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE! Headrest, chest support and pelvic support. 3-Piece body Cushion System is comprised of: Face Support (A) Chest (B) Pelvic Support (C) All pieces, including the face support base, are connected with Velcro straps. Attachable Arm Rests, Adjusters, and Extenders are available. Save on buying extra equipment, use the 3 – Piece Body Cushion for easy comfortable chair massage. Transports easily and only weighs 3lbs.
  Description   Headrest, chest support, pelvis support and leg support. This set includes the 4-piece Body Cushion (A,B,C,& D) Perfect for a therapist in one location. 4-Piece body Cushion System is comprised of: Face Support(A) Chest (B) Pelvic Support (C) Leg Support (D) in split or 1-piece style. Includes the pieces shown above Available in blue.

Showing 1–12 of 29 results