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This incredible technique blends the best of:

  • Traditional Thai
  • Lomi Lomi
  • Acupressure
  • Herbal Compress (stems)

For a treatment that is not only incredibly relaxing but also:

  • Good for muscle and joint pain
  • Increases Flexiblity (the stretches)
  • Melts Scar tissue painlessly
  • Opens the Facial Tissue with ease

The technique is done in a 70 min sequence and you book 90 min session in your treatment room so that they have a few extra minutes to get off the table and enjoy the ‘”melted butter sensation”

You will not find this unique technique in Thailand, It was actually developed here in North America and I studied with two different trainers as well as went to Thailand to get some more backgroud. I have adjusted a few things along the way to make it easier on your body and easier to learn. 

After 10 years of teaching this in a classroom setting, you can now take your training at your pace and on your schedule. The videos are from the video I created to go along with the training. 

If we add on to the course or update the videos you will have access to those as well with your purchase. 



Do I have to use a new pair of stems for each client?

Yes. These are cloth wraped and there is no way to sanitize them. Send the home with the clients; they love that part. 

What do the clients do with them at home?

They are fantastic in the bath, or steamed up for a spot treatment on themselves. Or they can leave them out to enjoy the aroma and remember your fantastic session.

Can I have the client bring the stems back to use for a second treatment?

No. They leave your place warm and moist, which of course is the perfect breading ground for mold. Please don’t take that chance. Charge extra for the treatment and have them take them home. This way you are assured each set are totally fresh each time. Massage has been underpriced for a long time so this is a chance to bring your rates up with the premium of a value add in the stems. 

Are there Contraindications for this treatment?

Yes, all your general CI’s for massage plus those who are newly on blood thinners, and those who are pregnant or lactating. The details will be outlined in the course. 

Is this covered as massage therapy under the CMTO?

The CMTO does not recognize the ‘name’ we use to market this course. All of the component within the modality are completely within the scope. You may need to use a different name on your list of services to be 100% compliant but the technique falls in the scope. 

You will need to submitt the course in segments for your CEU’s

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