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Looking to go out on your own?
Need some help to get your clinic profitable and manageable?

This is a 4 hour video recording of the live workshop on Jan 10, 2016

Cost: Only $85

Are you ready to increase your profits and better manage your practice now?

Cash Flow training you should have gotten in school
You have gone to school, learned how to help people and yet somehow you are not making money. How does that happen?

Sadly this is a story that I see way too often. Most health care providers are taught very little in the way of business management and yet are more often than not Independent contractors, or business owners.

It does not matter how good you are at your trade, if you do not know your numbers you are highly likely to run into trouble.

I have been there myself and had to learn the hard way all about money and maintaining profitability in business.

Let me walk you through the basics of cash flow management and setting your rates so that you are profitable now and in the future.

This class was recorded as a live and live stream course, so you will be watching it as if you were part of the streamed audience.

The course includes templates for you to follow along and put in your numbers to calculate what your unique situation is.

Numbers and excel spreadsheets may not be the most sexy thing out there, but I will guarantee it will make a huge impact and your return on investment will be priceless in the years to come if you put it into practice.

If you take this course, do the work and find that it does nothing for you then email me and I will refund your money. Everyone who was live in the course was so grateful they came and it was totally worth every penny they paid.


  • How to leverage your skills and grow a profitable business
  • Learn the key tools that separates hobby therapists and successful entrepreneurs
  • De-Mystify money management – it may not be sexy but it is uber necessary.
  • How to shift your mindset into high gear so that you think and manage your business like a CEO.
  • Learn how to treat your practice like a business so that it makes you happy AND makes you money.

You may have gotten into your practice to help people but the reality remains that you still need to turn a profit or in order to pay your bills.

I know all to well what it looks like when your business is not profitable and have learned the hard way how to change it.

Cost: $85
Book the Day Now to launch your business into profits in 2016 and beyond!

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Course Outline

Cash Flow Projections – What are they, how to use them – in class break down of using them in your business

– Cash flow is one of the keys to successful business, without it you are certain to overspend and get into trouble.

Pricing – we will look in depth at how to figure out how to price any product or service in your business. This strategy can be used over and over. You will walk away with the mind set and the formula for how to re-create it in your business in the future.

– Having the right pricing can mean the difference between profit and struggle. Lets get you on the right track.

Mindset – without it you will fail to implement or worse, fail to take the necessary action. Successful people have things in common. This is practical application of how to get into the mindset needed to grow your business.

– The mindset shifting will take place throughout the 4 hours together. The aim is for you to leave with a new outlook and renewed enthusiasm for your business and the tools to keep it going.

Your needs – the course time is structured so that the participants have time to interact with the tools and bring their specific challenges. What is shared in the class is not to be shared outside, please honor each other with this.


“This is what they should be teaching in school”

“I have taken business courses and I love that you have the RMT background so that the material and suggestions are targeted to our needs and not suggesting things out of alignment with the CMTO”

“This class was awesome”

“My husband has been trying for years to get me to use Excel, and after this class I am excited to dig in more with this.”

“I now get why I am not making any money.”

“This was my very first webinar and I absolutely enjoyed it! I am very grateful for the excel spreadsheet as it will come in great use.
Thank you so much for the course! ” – Helene June RMT

“Awesome class! Totally worth it!” Lindsay van Asseldonk RMT

“As a follow up to the cash forecasting {Rock Star Practice Management} workshop I wanted to say how comprehensive it was. I am sure I could adapt the spreadsheets to local tax if I want to look at cash planning in the future.
The most valuable thing I got from the workshop was hearing your story of how having employees hasn’t worked for you. I have noticed that people equate success with number of employees. I have never had any desire to manage staff and now I feel confident knowing that I am doing what works for me. Thank you for sharing your story.”
With gratitude, Helen Harvey – New Zealand

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