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After years of teaching other classes and people asking me to run a class on this… here it is.

All the things that you learned in school and should still be doing

All the things you learned in school that you want to give up that you haven’t

Plus all my usual tricks and tips to make your life as a therapist more comfortable for your body.

Good body mechanics is the key to a longer career and making more money.

Learn how to better use:

– Your legs

– Your back

– Your shoulder girdle

Learn self care techniques

Do you hate the diaper draping but have never learned a better way?

I hate it when therapists do this to me and it makes me cringe when I see people doing it in the classes I teach. If you have a heavy leg this is not nice on your body to do. And besides most clients hate it.

I will teach you alternate ways to drape the whole body than most therapists have been taught in the past 12-15 years.

Easy, fast and still provide lots of secure coverage.

What to expect

If you have been in any of my classes you will know that I practice what I preach and that while you are working I will tweak your posture repeatedly so that it sinks in and starts to change.

You are going to be shown some tricks for working that make it easier on your body, and you will be massaging each other to put that into practice.
As always, any questions around marketing and general practice are also welcome during the class. You are welcome to pick my brain.

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  • Importance of good body mechanics while giving a massage
  • Overview of good body mechanics
  • How to tell if your body mechanics are working for you or against you
  • Draping techniques that are simple, quick and still provide great coverage
  • Self care routines for the therapist
  • Things to avoid during a massage
  • Things to consider in the rest of your life to prolong the career of a massage therapist
  • Supervised Hands on practice and correction of body mechanics throughout the day

When you purchase the course you will get access to the video recording from the May 2016 class. I recommend that you set aside some time to go over the video with someone to practice on at the same time so that you can feel the techniques in your body.


All CEU’s are calculated the same way. You will log the time you spend watching, practicing and reviewing the material. Then you record 1 CEU for every 2 hours you spend.

For example if you spend a total of 8 hours with this material then you will log 4 CEU’s in Category A – Massage Therapy Application.


If you have a group of 8 or more and would like to have Dana come to you, please contact us about the details and making arrangements. Dana has trained groups, clinic teams and spa teams across Canada and would be happy to bring the training  to you.

  • Get everyone on the same page fast
  • Save travel time and money
  • Great for groups of 8+
  • Get corrections on the spot to make it super effective.
  • Have fun! Great for team building.